Principals of the Democrat Party


  • Express ‘concern’ that free speech might return to Twitter.
  • Call the defense of American’s Constitutional rights “bullshit “.
  • Erect walls around your Capital, and your Supreme Court, but gas light you that walls don’t work to protect you.
  • Throw hundreds of billions of your tax dollars – unaudited & untracked – into the Ukraine black hole, but nothing, nada, zippo goes to our southern border. 
  • Judge people by the color of their skin, not by the content of their character.
  • Think racial discrimination is fine as long as the ‘right’ groups are hurt.
  • See ‘fairness’ as an attribute of outcomes, not of process.
  • Leave fellow Americans behind enemy lines.
  • Prioritize non-Americans over Americans.
  • Welcome imports from China that are being produced with Uyghur slave labor.
  • Want to defund your police.
  • Put criminals back on the street with no bail, no charges.
  • Routinely criticize law enforcement and at the same time make excuses for Antifa & BLM violence.
  • Allow Marxist/Anarchist BLM and Antifa thugs and agitators to run amok in your cities and towns, but
  • Want you and your family/loved ones defenseless by gutting your 2nd Amendment.
  • Find riots and looting justifiable if committed in the name of ‘racial justice’.
  • Call speech that they don’t like ‘violence’, but call the violence that they support ‘speech’.
  • Call it democracy when the majority of Americans articulate positions leftists support, but when the majority of Americans articulate positions that leftists do not support, democrats call that extremism.
  • Define an ‘extremist’ as anyone who opposes the current prevailing ruling class and system for distributing power.
  • Turn the Constitution’s Impeachment clause into a political weapon.
  • Turn the IRS into a political weapon to be used against you (remember Lois Lerner? Soon we’ll have 87,000 new Lois Lerners…).
  • Turn the FBI into the U.S. version of ‘State Police’ (Stasi) enforcement units by repurposing them to target and intimidate Americans for exercising their 1st Amendment right to seek redress of their grievences.
  • Declare American parents ‘Domestic Terrorists’ who dare question how their children are educated.
  • Turn the Department of Justice, not only into a weapon to be used against their political adversaries, but also into theThe Department of ‘Injustice’ .
  • Utilize government agencies to spy on their opposition.
  • Administer ideological purity tests to the nation’s military.
  • Change the purpose and priority of the US military – which was to fight and win wars and to be the most lethal fighting force in the history of the world – to being a petri dish for diversity and inclusion.
  • Assume anyone who spends $600 or more is a tax cheat and dishonest.
  • Put the demands of the teachers unions – big doners to Democrats – above the needs of your children.
  • Always block any effort and/or initiative to allow you to freely choose your child’s school.
  • “Don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach”. Terry McAuliffe.
  • Open the borders allowing untested, unvaccinated masses into our nation, but want to mask and force vaccinate your children.
  • Protect Wall Street but not your street. Why does income disparaty keeps getting worse, really?
  • Tell us that the debt doesn’t matter, and that the government can spend as much as it wants.
  • Kill good union and blue collar jobs by pursuing a policy or energy dependence instead of energy independence or energy dominance.
  • Seek a larger government, not a larger economy.
  • Are no longer the party of the Working Class, but are now the party of the Rich and the Ruling Class.
  • Want to pack the Supreme Court – Biden Creating Commission to Study Expanding the Supreme Courtsolely to get what they want.
  • List (dox) the names and home addresses of conservative Supreme Court justices in an effort to intimidate the court to rule as they want.
  • Proclaim that no Amendment to our Constitution is ‘absolute’. So, what is? Only their agenda?
  • Want to nuke the senate Filibuster to ram through the most radical, progressive agenda matched only by China’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1976).
  • Create the biggest immigration crisis since their previous administration in 2015.
  • Are dominated by representatives from wealthy, often coastal districts and essentially ignore working-class, blue-collar and fly-over-country constituents.
  • Work from three dogmatic assertions: Gender and race define every individual; discrimination against oppressed races and genders defines America; and all social inequality, such as pay differentials, is the result of systemic discrimination.
  • “Alinsky” (Isolate, Ridicule, Marginalize) you and anyone else who dares criticize the regime.
  • Destroy the free exercise of your religion.
  • Destroy women’s sports by allowing biological males to compete against biological women.
  • Are completely deaf to a baby’s heartbeat in the womb and blind to its image on an ultrasound. “There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six months.” Stacey Abrams
  • Take your money to fund abortions worldwide.
  • See abortion as a sacrament of their secular religion (or a sacrifice to it).
  • Want to kill unborn baby girls and boys by dismemberment, decapitation, forced expulsion from the womb, deadly poisons, or other methods at any time until birth.
  • Take and redistribute your income, essentially to try and buy new constituencies.
  • Call you a Conspiracy Theorist when they, themselves, conspire.  The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.
  • Always accuse you of doing what they, in fact, themselves are doing, and always label you what, in fact, they truly are. 
  • Allow and allowed their hatred for President Trump to nullify their obligation to represent their constituants.
  • Appoint themselves our cultural nobility to dictate just about everything, from how tax dollars are spent, to the words that we’re allowed to say, to how our children are to be educated.
  • Persist on pushing a divisive political platform steeped in the Marxist ideology of class struggle, now under the guise of ‘Critical Race Theory’.
  • Reject the value of the individual in favor of ‘The Cause’.
  • Champion a ‘grievance ideology’, priming people to identify as perpetual victims, making them see grievance in every interaction, turning pain and ignorance into hatred and turning ones partners into oppressors.
  • Try to intimidate convince the public that Patriotism is synonymous with racism and fascism.
  • Define America First, pro Constitution, Make-America-Great-Again patriots as, “the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history.”
  • Use crises solely to further their own agenda (“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And, what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.’ Rahm Emanual). Create the crisis. Fuel the crisis. Then offer government solutions for the crisis. Use the crisis to advance the goal.
  • Are essentially a ‘Wrecking Organization’ who pursue an ‘America Last’ – ‘America Worst’, not an ‘America First’ agenda, and
  • Give their last full measure of devotion so that a government of the bureaucrats, by the technocrats, for the plutocrats shall not perish from the earth.


Victor Davis Hanson, with stunning accuracy, says it best.


Taken & edited from: 8 Big Lies Pushed by 8 Brainwashing Techniques, an article by Michael McCarthy at

The Progressive Left (Democrats) is hard at work in America, busy transforming We the People  into We the Sheeple by persuading millions of young and old Americans that their lies are true. How? By using brainwashing techniques utilized by the Communists on American POWs during the Korean War. As a result, we gradually begin to accept these terrible lies as “the new normal.” It’s high time we fight back with the truth.

How do they brainwash us? By using brainwashing techniques that were analyzed in Coercive Persuasion, a book by Edgar H. Schein. Schein was an Army psychologist assigned to study imprisoned Americans repatriated by the Chinese Communists in 1953. 

Schein listed the techniques used by the Chinese Communists to brainwash these Americans into saying and believing the opposite of what actually happened. They were:

  1. Control information. Prevent any news unfavorable to the Chinese Communists from reaching the prisoners. Only pro-communist mass media was allowed.
  2. Allow contact only with those who were pro-communist.
  3. Continually repeat communist propaganda.
  4. Continually condemn non-communist groups and values.
  5. Create distrust by inciting Americans to inform on one another.
  6. Make prisoners entirely dependent on authorities.
  7. Continually preach that communists operate on higher moral standards.
  8. Make prisoners feel guilty for not acting out a role defined by the communists.

Sound familiar?

Today in America, the Democrat Party uses these same 8 tactics against the American People:

  1. Control information. Prevent any news unfavorable to the ruling Democrat regime from reaching Americans. Only pro-regime/pro-government controlled mass media is allowed.
  2. Lock you down. Restrict contact with neighbors, co-workers, and church members. That leaves contact only with media figures who tell us only what the Democrat regime wants us to hear.
  3. Endless repetition. Repeat the same talking points dozens of times daily, whether you read and/or watch mainstream news. If you hear their Big Lie often enough, then you begin to think it is true, or if repeated enough times, it becomes your idea.
  4. Continually condemn all groups and values with which the progressive Democrats disagree; AKA, “cancel culture.”
  5. Create distrust by inciting Americans to inform on one another.  Dox and out the addresses and names of children and other family members of those who challange the Big Lies so protesters can harass them at their homes and make death threats against them.
  6. Make Americans entirely dependent on authorities. “Follow the science!” “Only Dr. Fauci and we know best!” “Do what we tell you to do, or you will die from the Wuhan virus!”
  7. Continually preach that progressive Democrats operate on higher moral standards. “We are good because we are for equity, inclusiveness, and equal outcomes for everyone, whether they worked for it or not.”
  8. Make Americans feel guilty for not acting out a role as it is defined by progressive Democrats. “Do what we tell you! Publicly agree with what we say, or else you are a despicable racist who should be ashamed! Your family and friends should shun you and condemn you.”

So, what do we do about this? How do we tell them to ‘stick it’ !

  • Don’t depend on government authorities for information and medical advice. Seek out your own. Seek out contrarian sources of news. Start Here.
  • Seek out your family, neighbors, and church members. Talk to them. Listen to them. Get other points of view from people you know and trust.
  • Turn off CNN, NBC, CBS, NPR, and ABC news. Better yet, dump your cable or satellite TV package. Stream. Go find the truth instead of having propaganda fed to you via your cable or satellite programming package.
  • Don’t accept that the progressives are morally superior. They are not. Ask yourself how a cabal of Marxists, and therefore atheists, can have ‘morals’. Where would those come from? Remember, to Marxists, ‘religion is the opiate of the People’.
  • Don’t feel guilty that you are a hard worker who achieves success by your own efforts. Be proud! 
  • When you recognize one of the 8 brainwashing techniques being used, call the Democrats out on it!

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