Corporation Commission



The Arizona Corporation Commission has five Commissioners and are elected for four-year terms—three or two, each two years. This year three seats are up for election and the Republican candidates vying for those seats are listed below. All three candidates will be campaigning under the Clean Elections program. Clean Elections candidates are required to obtain $5 qualifying contributions from registered voters to qualify. Go to the E-Qualifying Contribution Website to make your contribution. Jim O’Connor is a write-in candidate.


Lea Marquez Peterson

Lea Marquez Peterson is a member of the Arizona Corporation Commissioner and a lifelong Republican. She has spent her time at the Commission holding utilities accountable to ratepayers and fighting for affordable, reliable energy. As the only current member of the Commission from outside of Maricopa County, Lea is a fierce advocate for rural communities, ratepayers, and the entire state of Arizona. Before her time on the Commission Lea was an entrepreneur and small business owner. Lea previously owned and operated a chain of gasoline stations & convenience stores in the Tucson region as well as a business brokerage firm. Lea served as President & CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber for close to ten years, and previously served as the Executive Director for Greater Tucson Leadership. Since taking over as CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber, Lea was instrumental in growing the chamber from representing roughly 300 small businesses to over 1800. She received her undergraduate degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Arizona, and her Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. Lea has resided in Arizona for over 40 years. Lea and her husband Dan live in Tucson with their two children




Eric Sloan

Eric and Alisa Sloan have been married for twelve years and they are the proud parents of an amazing little girl. Eric met his beautiful wife Alisa in June of 2008. They were married in December of 2008. Eric said, “When I met Alisa, I knew I was going to marry her. She was the smartest, most beautiful, and funniest women I had ever met. God put us together.” In 2009, at the height of the great recession Alisa and Eric started their family business. In 2012, God blessed their family with a little girl. Alisa and Eric named Little Sloan after his mother as a tribute to her courage and grace. 

​Eric is a lifelong Republican and is currently a Republican State Committeeman. Eric has a professional background in Economic Development and is a graduate of Arizona State University. 

Eric has served his community by being a founding member of the Blue Blazers Squadron at Luke Air Force Base, on the board of the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration in Phoenix, and on the board of the Citizens Police Academy. Eric and Alisa are active members of their church. The Sloan family actively supports causes that protect the unborn, provide meals for people in need and support local evangelical missions. 

Eric is running for the Corporation Commission to defend our families and everyday Arizonans from increased utility rates. Eric supports cutting unnecessary regulations and eliminating taxes. He believes the role of a Commissioner is to protect Arizonans and do what is in the best interest of Arizonans.





Jim O’Connor (Write-in Candidate)

Jim brings a unique, needed skill-set that is currently absent at the Arizona Corporation Commission. With 42 years of experience in finance, responsible for regulatory compliance, investment portfolio management, and enterprise leadership, Jim is the only candidate with that expertise. Jim advised the California State Senate on rewriting investment law, ensuring that the notorious Orange County bankruptcy would not be repeated. As a Constitutional Conservative, Jim O’Connor will protect utility customers from unworkable, ideologically based ideas that would cause rates to skyrocket, crack down on financial crime, fight unsound regulations, restore public trust in the Corporation Commission, and — most importantly — uphold the Arizona State Constitution. Jim has served for 12 years on the Board of Grace Line Ministries, a non-profit Christian mentoring organization. He enjoyed four years of enrichment studies at Phoenix Seminary and is a partner at Pinnacle Forum in Phoenix. Jim’s wisdom, integrity, and experience make him the right man for this job. Write-In Jim O’Connor for Corporation Commissioner on the August 4th, 2020 Republican Primary Ballot.