County Board of Supervisors


District 3 (see map)

Byron Peterson

I was born in Minneapolis, lived in Missouri, Kansas and Illinois until the age of 14.  My father was then transferred to Kahului, Maui, Hawaii where I attended high school. There I learned to appreciate many different cultures, reinforcing my love of diversity.

College began in Wisconsin for a bit before I joined the U.S. Navy, following in my father’s footsteps as an Aerographer’s Mate (Meteorologist). Then, back to college, this time at Utah State University where I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Geography, a Minor in History, and a Secondary Education Teaching Certificate. 

After college graduation, I was employed by NOAA National Weather Service for more than 35 years.  After retirement from NOAA, I held a few miscellaneous jobs, including private agricultural weather forecasting and currently as a substitute teacher for Maine Consolidated School District in Parks where I reside with my wife. 

The past several years, during the months of November and December, I grow my beard longer and my attire changes to a red suit.

My NOAA career was filled with a great variety of responsibilities. I loved all of the years  working in the field with weather equipment, managing the co-operative (volunteer) observer program, forecasting weather and working with the wonderful people of northern Arizona.  While the NOAA office was located at Pulliam Airport, and prior to a national reorganization, I served as Official In Charge of the Flagstaff office. The Arizona State Climatologist, Tony Brazel, named me as the Arizona State Climatologist for Northern Arizona.  I taught the first Fire Weather class for local Forest Service personnel as well as some of the local fire departments. During the Cold War, I was one of only two Radiological Defense Officer Instructors in northern Arizona. Some of you may remember when I was the weatherman for our local TV station. Duties were greatly varied and included consulting with ADOT on road construction; planning for and overseeing emergency flooding issues including concerns for dams in northern Arizona; testifying in court about weather conditions during accidents, and crimes; preparing for and helping to manage chemical spills and search and rescue missions using up-to-date weather conditions and forecasts;  I was the statewide lightning safety coordinator and instructor.  Planning the design and building of the new Weather office at Bellemont.

Community involvement has always been very important for me. Here are some ways I have served in Coconino County over the past 45 years: Flagstaff School Board; Flagstaff Schools Superintendent Advisory Committee; Search & Rescue; 11 years as a soccer & girl’s softball coach; Boy Scout as well as Girl Scout positions; teacher at church; 4H Youth Development; Arizona Game & Fish Hunter Education Instructor; Coconino County Fair; NRA Instructor & Range Safety Officer; Public speeches and demonstrations on history and cultural diversity.

My country and my family are very important aspects of my life.  My wife and I have 7 adult children, many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We have a small ranch with a variety of livestock.  Ecology is critical to the existence of ranching and farming.

I look forward to serving the residents of Coconino County, listening to and addressing your concerns as best as I can within the scope of a member of the Board of Supervisors.


  • Transparency, open doors and willingness to hear your voice
  • Accountability
  • Term limits
  • Quality health care
  • Road & bridge conditions
  • Pro Life
  • Uphold Constitution of United States
  • Emergency management
  • Safe elections with photo ID
  • Property taxes
  • Support for small, local business
  • Choices in education, with quality programs
  • Uphold rural lifestyle
  • No unnecessary, wasteful spending
  • No unnecessary new taxes
  • Water conservation and flood control
  • Recreation, support for cultural events, preservation of history
  • Support for fundamental county services and employees


District 4 (see map)

Bob Thorpe

State Representative Bob Thorpe has served in the AZ House since 2013 where he currently is the Chairman of the Government and Higher Education Committee, and also sits on the Education, Federalism and Rules Committees. Thorpe has received numerous awards and recognitions including the most recent ACCCC’s Arizona Community Colleges 2016 Legislator of the Year.

Born and raised in Burbank, California, Thorpe now lives in Flagstaff with his wife Donna, and has two grown children Elizabeth and Robert. Thorpe and his wife designed, built and live in their award winning energy-efficient home.

With a university B.A degree and several years of graduate studies, Thorpe has over 30-years of business experience including Walt Disney as an “Imagineer,” Price Waterhouse accounting firm and the aerospace industry where he built aircraft training devices for the U.S. Military including the F/A-18, F-16 and the Apache Helicopter. Thorpe both worked and volunteered for over 6-years in K-12 education and 8-years as a high technology instructor at UCLA Extension. Thorpe founded a software business with Fortune 500, international and government clients and has worked at a number of firms in the field of IT, software and website development.

In his late 40’s, Thorpe served his community for almost 8-years as a certified Arizona volunteer firefighter / EMT and has volunteered as a K-12 robotics competition judge and coach. Thorpe is a student of the U.S. Constitution and authored a book on the topic entitled “Reclaim Liberty” (available on Amazon.com.) Thorpe volunteers at his church and on cattle round-ups on the Navajo Reservation, and is active in conservative political organizations. Thorpe has climbed numerous mountains including the 14,500′ high Mt. Whitney (twice) and the 17,800′ high Popocatépetl, and is an avid sportsman enjoying outdoor activities including fly-fishing, shooting trap and sporting clays, snow skiing and armature astronomy.






Paul is running as an Independent

District 1  (see map)

Paul Mock

I am married to Nancy Mock, we have 8 children, 4 of whom we adopted at the age of 60, and my 10 grandchildren. I was born in Clayton, NM to a rancher and was raised a rancher. At age 13, my dad was run over by a car and was bed-ridden for more than a year and disabled for life. During the time he was bed-ridden, I fed cattle, mended fences and windmills, running the ranch until I ended up leasing the ranch from my parents. I helped start a rural fire department in the 1980’s. Over the course of starting the fire department covering 1,600 square miles, I learned to deal with many different state and county government entities. I had to obtain funding, purchase fire equipment and set up 3 fire stations. I was the fire chief for several years, all while tending to my ranch.

In 1987, I started working as a Detention Officer for a Sheriff’s Department. I graduated from Western Technical Institute and worked as a HVAC technician. Afterward I did contract work for farmers and ranchers while overseeing my mother’s ranch. In 1996, I graduated from Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs, CO. My wife and I worked as Pilot Car Escorts for oversized loads while attending school and afterword. We moved to Denver, CO, where I became a Security Officer for a large grocery store chain until I retired at which time we moved to Arizona and adopted 4 of our children. I have been volunteering conducting Bible studies in jails for many years.

My aim in running for Coconino County Supervisor District #1 is to provide essential services (i.e. road maintenance and snow removal) to all Coconino County residents. My experience and interaction with all types of people in many walks of life has prepared me to understand people’s needs and to make compassionate decisions for the best interest of all involved. I am open to listening to the concerns of all constituents within my district.

My wife and I fully support the Republican Party Platform and are Pro-Life – every unborn child has a right to life; and Pro 2nd Amendment – the right to bear arms. We support the Constitution of the United States as intended by our country’s founders.