Dems Drop Immigration Bill

On February 18th, the Democrats dropped their latest immigration bill. The measure, outlined by President* Biden on his first day in office, is a surreal parody that makes the Gang of Eight legislation pushed by Obama look moderate. Bottom line, this proposed legislation is breathtakingly radical and would essentially destroy American sovereignty.

In other words, the Biden regime, pushed by the grossly radical elements within the Democrat Party along with their global corporatist cronies, do not think Americans have a right to borders. No, they think that everyone on this planet has a right to come here, and to work here!  How’s that going to impact America’s hard working families? This bill would eviscerate working class families across all constituencies and ensure that millennials and future American youth will have to compete with foreigners for jobs and face a future where they will be nothing but serfs… game, set match.

In summary, this bill:

  • Seeks a mass amnesty for the nation’s more than 11 million illegal immigrants (but that number has been estimated to reach upwards of 30 million); essentially to any illegal immigrant who has been in the USA for just 1 ½ months,
  • Reduces and weakens future immigration enforcement to basically ‘no more enforcement ’, and
  • Increases future legal immigration, essentially on par with the Gang of Eight bill that proposed doubling legal immigration. This bill would also implement a rapid fast-track-to-citizenship that would allow green card holders to apply for citizenship in less than four years. Huh? Just in time for the 2024 election?

You don’t have to be told that Arizona is on the ‘front line’ of illegal immigration. As you read this – and unreported by the mainstream media – there is a crisis at the border. A Gallup poll of 3/24 indicates that 42 million Central Americans want to migrate to the U.S., and Masses of immigrants continue to make their way into Mexico to rush the border to take advantage of what’s in this bill. In the meantime, the Biden regime continues with reckless abandon to dismantle President Trump’s border policies that were implemented to protect you, the American Citizen! With these policy changes, and with the tsunami of Executive Orders, the Biden regime has essentially opened the borders. Worse, the Biden Regime has essentially empowered the Mexican cartels, who now control the human traffic accross the Mexican border into the U.S. The Biden Regime is essentially helping to put millions of dollars into the pockets of the cartels.

We need to get involved NOW! To get up to speed, listen to this podcast .

To get the latest information and analysis on this affront to all Americans (and tons of other information regarding the impact to Americans from illegal immigration), you can go to:

Lastly, a 2016 article claimed that 87% of illegal immigrants are on welfare or some other form of public assistance. Given the fact that so many illegal immigrants are on welfare, can we dispense with the persistent yet wholly inaccurate myth that illegal immigrants contribute positively to the US economy?  The story line advanced by pro-immigration groups, the liberal media and the Democrat Party that illegal immigrants are a net positive for the economy is just that… a story line.

We can no longer remain just ‘sunshine patriots’. Contact your Congressional Representative and our two Senators and tell them to vote NO on this radical monstrosity! And, ‘a word to the wise’… Be aware that the Dem’s ‘Plan B’ is to break this bill into pieces and to try and pass its provisions piecemeal. Don’t let them do this either!


Remember, the Democrat’s call is, “no border, no wall, no USA at all “!