Legislative Districts of Coconino County


Coconino County includes two state legislative districts, LD-6 and LD-7–see map. Each district has two representatives and one senator whose task it is to represent each district in the Arizona State Legislature. Elections for these offices are partisan and are held every even numbered year. Both senators and representatives serve two-year terms and are limited to serving for a maximum of four consecutive terms or eight years.



LD-7 Candidates for House Representatives

James (Jim) Parks

State Legislative District 7 in Northern Arizona is a vast area…. a wonderland of open spaces… a cowboy’s dream. The district is home to native tribes, a blended mix of ranchers and farmers, open lands and small rural towns. Jim Parks is an Arizona native, with ancestry in Arizona dating back into the early-1700’s, and has the best leadership qualities for the issues of rural District 7. Growing up as an Arizona farmer’s son shaped Jim into a common sense, practical man. Jim is a U.S. Navy Viet Nam veteran, a working ranch cowboy for 38-years, ranch manager, private pilot, past President of the Coconino County Farm Bureau and Cattle Growers Association, and is serving his 4th year as a Coconino County Supervisor for District 4. His varied life experiences have given Jim an outlook on life and the diverse common sense background to patiently attend to difficult issues effectively, and efficiently. Jim is honest, hard working, creative, and sensitive to the complex needs of all the citizens of Northern Arizona. 

Jim lives in rural Coconino county. Ranching has been in his family for generations. Like many of us, he makes his living off the land. Jim will fight to ensure our land remains intact and protected for use by farmers and ranchers. Jim is also a strong advocate for our Native American community and all of their traditions. He understands the issues families across the district face, and he will fight to preserve everyone’s way of life.



David Peelman

David Peelman is a US Army and Coast Guard veteran, serving a combined 25 years in military service. After retiring from the Coast Guard in 2006, David decided to make the White Mountains of Arizona his forever home, where he continues to embrace the Conservative values and rural lifestyle that it provides. He has been married to his wife of 41 years, Kathy, and he is currently a realtor caring for the needs of Apache and Navajo County residents. David embodies honesty, integrity, and commitment with generous and proven leadership, management and communication skills. David Peelman intends to use his abundant energy and knowledge to elevate the quality of life, education, and prosperity of Northeastern Arizona and Legislative District 7, as the preeminent example of rural Arizona life.





LD-6 Candidates for Senate


(Since only one senatorial candidate can be on the General Election ballot, these two candidates will face off in the Primary election to be held on August 4th.)


Sylvia Allen

Current incumbent and serves on: Senate Education – Chairman Natural Resource/Environment Committee Water/Energy Committee Health Committee Has served as President Pro –Temp, three times during Senate career. Appointed to the AZ Senate June of 2008. November 2008 Elected to Arizona Senate. 2012-2014 – served on Navajo County Board of Supervisors 2012-2014 – President, Coalition of Arizona/New Mexico Counties November 2014 Elected to Arizona Senate.

She was also appointed to supplemental committees: Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee on Climate Change, Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee Forest Health, Co-Chairman of the Ad Hoc Mining Regulation Committee, and is a Member of the JCCR Committee.

Since 1980’s been involved with Political Grassroots organizations – Arizona Eagle Forum Southwest Field Director for “People for the West” Active in the Republican party serving as Navajo County Republican Chairman 2000/2005 and Precinct Committeeman for 20 years. 1993-06, She started a youth group the PFW Players using drama and music to tell the PFW/USA message.  She wrote and directed the play “Freedom Lights the Way.” They performed all over the western states and in Washington DC for the Fly-In for Freedom Conference “I always wanted to educate our young people about the founding principles of this nation. Over a hundred young people from Navajo County have been in the group. It has been the most rewarding thing I have done.”   

  Married to Richard Allen, 5 children and 19 grandchildren. Has been a Real Estate Agent, and small business construction owners. She has had articles published in the Pine Graphic, Pioneer Newspaper, People for the West/USA Newspaper, and eco.logic Powerhouse.

As Supervisor she served as; President of the Arizona/New Mexico Coalition of Counties, Board member of the Little Colorado River Resources Conservation District, Board member of the Northern Arizona Council of Governments Community Action, Board member of the Navajo County WIA (Workforce Investment Act), Appointed by the Arizona Corporation Commission to the Transmission Line Sitting Committee. 

 She represents Navajo County at the USWFS meetings on the Expansion of the Mexican Wolf.  She also supports the REAL AZ Economic Regional planning and the Natural Resource Working Group, focused on the forest industries and health.



Wendy Rogers

Daughter of a long line of Army officers, in 1976 Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers was commissioned as a 5th-generation military officer into the Air Force from Michigan State University with her bachelor’s degree and then master’s degree from the University of Alabama in Clinical Social Work. She began her career treating patients in the Air Force mental health clinic. In 1981, Wendy Rogers became one of the first 100 women pilots in today’s Air Force by earning her wings at Williams AFB in Arizona. Following Air Force jet training, Wendy piloted worldwide airlift and humanitarian missions in the C-141 transport jet for several years. Wendy then served as a flight instructor for cadets at the US Air Force Academy. The latter half of Wendy’s 20-year Air Force career placed her overseas. While in Europe, Wendy piloted Air Force C-21 Learjets and led three different operational divisions at Headquarters US Air Forces Europe. During the fall of the Berlin Wall and efforts to improve relations with former East Bloc countries, Wendy was deployed for six months downrange to run the Bosnian Airlift. She finished her career with over 3,000 hours of jet time and numerous commendations, including the Defense Meritorious Service Medal.

After retiring from the Air Force in 1996 after twenty years of active duty, Wendy and her husband Hal (also a retired Air Force officer) started their own home inspection business. Their crew of Arizona-licensed home inspectors has worked throughout Coconino, Yavapai, Pinal and Maricopa counties. Hal is an electrical engineer who originally grew up on a Holstein dairy farm milking cows twice daily till age 18. Since Wendy and Hal relate on so many levels to the wholesome rural lifestyle of the area, they chose to make their retirement home Flagstaff’s Wildwood Hills. Wendy Rogers is uniquely able to serve the needs of the First Congressional District because she is able to pilot her own aircraft into many of the short-field runways in remote rural areas.

In addition to her degrees in social work, Wendy holds a second master’s degree in National Security Studies from Cal State San Bernardino. Wendy and Hal home-schooled their children George and Emily during their elementary years. George and Emily then graduated from an Arizona public charter high school and were merit-scholarship ASU Barrett Honors College Sun Devils. George was commissioned as an officer in the US Marine Corps in May 2009, later returning to Arizona to earn his PhD in electrical engineering at ASU in 2014. Emily graduated in 2012 with a Barrett Honors BA in German and Honors BS in international business and marketing. George and his wife are the proud parents a seven-year-old, a five-year-old, a two-year-old and newborn, adding the title of “proud grandparent” to Wendy’s life of accomplishment.

Wendy has been active in the local community as development director of an Arizona charter school, as a foster parent, and as an Arizona substitute teacher. Both Wendy and Hal are active, alert-roster-ready officers in the US Air Force auxiliary, the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), flying missions and participating in search and rescue efforts. Wendy Rogers’ maxim in life remains what her parents taught her from Luke 12:48: “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required; and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”





LD-6 Candidates for House Representatives

Brenda Barton

Born in Arizona’s Gila Valley, Representative Barton is a fifth generation native of rural Arizona. In 1871, her great-great grandfather established the first crossing on the Colorado River, and by 1880, the family settled in Lee Valley in the White Mountains. Brenda spent her early years at the family’s historic homestead in Artesia, just a few miles south of the Gila River in what once was Mexico.  Brenda’s Roots and Boots are firmly planted in the rich red soil of Arizona. 

Retiring in 2008 from over 20 years with the City of Safford, Brenda knows the value of hard work.  She was first elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2010 and now serves Legislative District 6 an area stretching from the Grand Canyon through Sedona east to the White Mountains.  Representative Barton has quickly moved up in leadership and now serves as Chairman of the House Committee for Agriculture and Water.

Representative Barton…

  • Serves on the North American Council of the State Agriculture and Rural Leaders Legislative Summit
  • Is the Arizona Chairman of the National State Legislator’s Article V State’s Convention
  • Represents Arizona as a task force member of the Council of State Governments-Western States
  • Is a Graduate of the Western Legislative Academy
  • A Graduate of the Dodie -Londen Excellence in Public Service Leadership Program
  • And a Past State Director for the AZ Federation of Republican Women

Since taking the Chair of Ag and Water, a chairmanship once held by one of the Legislature’s most iconic figures Jake Flake, Representative Barton has made Arizona’s agricultural industry and the security of Arizona’s future water supplies her prime focus.

To those who have come to know her, Brenda is known for her love of the land and her honest welcoming style. Brenda’s prime guiding principle is, “Do no harm.”  She strongly believes that the role of government is to facilitate a business environment in which job creation and economies may flourish.

Brenda can best be described as a ‘pragmatic, independent minded, conservative.’



Walt Blackman

Walt served 22 years in the United States Army. Upon completion of active duty, Walt moved to Snowflake, Arizona with his wife and children. The desire to serve his country continued, and with the support of his family, ran for the state legislature. Walt won a contested primary election and received the most votes in the 2018 Primary and General election.

As a freshman legislator, Walt became one of the most effective legislators at the Capitol. His focus on issues important to Arizonans, not partisan politics, has helped him become a rising star in Arizona.

Walt is committed to finding solutions for complex problems, and isn’t afraid to tackle the complex issues. He is guided by his principles and always doing what is right for the people in his district, and all Arizonans.