Legislative Districts of Coconino County


Coconino County includes two state legislative districts, LD-6 and LD-7–see map. Each district has two representatives and one senator whose task it is to represent each district in the Arizona State Legislature. Elections for these offices are partisan and are held every even numbered year. Both senators and representatives serve two-year terms and are limited to serving for a maximum of four consecutive terms or eight years.



LD-7 Candidates for House Representatives

James (Jim) Parks

State Legislative District 7 in Northern Arizona is a vast area…. a wonderland of open spaces… a cowboy’s dream. The district is home to native tribes, a blended mix of ranchers and farmers, open lands and small rural towns. Jim Parks is an Arizona native, with ancestry in Arizona dating back into the early-1700’s, and has the best leadership qualities for the issues of rural District 7. Growing up as an Arizona farmer’s son shaped Jim into a common sense, practical man. Jim is a U.S. Navy Viet Nam veteran, a working ranch cowboy for 38-years, ranch manager, private pilot, past President of the Coconino County Farm Bureau and Cattle Growers Association, and is serving his 4th year as a Coconino County Supervisor for District 4. His varied life experiences have given Jim an outlook on life and the diverse common sense background to patiently attend to difficult issues effectively, and efficiently. Jim is honest, hard working, creative, and sensitive to the complex needs of all the citizens of Northern Arizona. 

Jim lives in rural Coconino county. Ranching has been in his family for generations. Like many of us, he makes his living off the land. Jim will fight to ensure our land remains intact and protected for use by farmers and ranchers. Jim is also a strong advocate for our Native American community and all of their traditions. He understands the issues families across the district face, and he will fight to preserve everyone’s way of life.



David Peelman

David Peelman is a US Army and Coast Guard veteran, serving a combined 25 years in military service. After retiring from the Coast Guard in 2006, David decided to make the White Mountains of Arizona his forever home, where he continues to embrace the Conservative values and rural lifestyle that it provides. He has been married to his wife of 41 years, Kathy, and he is currently a realtor caring for the needs of Apache and Navajo County residents. David embodies honesty, integrity, and commitment with generous and proven leadership, management and communication skills. David Peelman intends to use his abundant energy and knowledge to elevate the quality of life, education, and prosperity of Northeastern Arizona and Legislative District 7, as the preeminent example of rural Arizona life.