The Real Agenda

Agenda 21, now Agenda 2030… Is it the hidden agenda behind the planned destruction of America? Is the New World Order a conspiracy?

Echoing human security principles, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development emphasizes a “world free of poverty, hunger, disease and want … free of fear and violence … with equitable and universal access to quality education, health care and social protection … to safe drinking water and sanitation … where food is sufficient, safe, affordable and nutritious … where habits are safe, resilient and sustainable … and where there is universal access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.”

It calls for development strategies that result in resilient societies where people are safe from chronic threats such as abject poverty, hunger, disease, violence and repression, and protected from sudden and hurtful disruptions in their daily lives.

To achieve its transformative promise, Agenda 2030 calls for a new approach to address the interconnectivity of today’s challenges.

Hummm…. How do we achieve that? What is the ‘new approach’? Do we do this voluntarily with a free flow and exchange of information, ideas and opinion, or is this best achieved through force, intimidation and coercion from the top-down, with the top ignoring, supressing or dismissing all ideas and opinion from those not at the top?

You decide.