We Are America First


This means AMERICANS FIRST. We want Americans united, not divided. How do we as Republicans and Americans achieve this end both nationally and locally?


  • Encourage & Support Strong and Stable Families
  • Recognize that Faith moves mountains. Real faith is more than just believing in God alone. We strive for living faith, demonstrated by good works according to His laws and commandments.
  • Compel Education, Not Indoctrination. To successfully compete, our children need to be educated to be critical thinkers, not to think critically of others.
  • Apply the Law Equally. Laws mean nothing if they don’t apply equally to everyone.
  • Demand Equal Opportunity not equal outcomes. Equal outcomes are unattainable and accrue only to those few who lead such an endeavor.
  • Promote economic & business policies, programs & incentives to Keep Critical Industries & Production in America and Keep Jobs in America for Americans.
  • Trust and apply Science, not Scientism.
  • Require Controlled and Legal immigration. America cannot survive open borders and uncontrolled immigration into what is now a welfare state, nor can Americans survive the downward pressure on their wages that uncontrolled immigration brings.
  • Insist on Election Integrity. We will protect the personal franchise of voting, which is in essence the giving of our consent to be governed.
  • Our Founders envisioned a Government of The People, by The People and for The People, formed to protect and defend our individual rights, and to insure our safety and security. We will work to make it so.
  • What other political ideology in history has aroused, offered and actually allowed the individual to burst the chains under which clerical elites and tyrants had bound them and to assume the liberty, blessings and security of self-government? None!  Americanism not Globalism will be our credo.
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We will be Silent No More! Join us in our mission.

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Video of the Day

Impeach Joe Biden
MTG introduces Articles of Impeachment of Joe Biden.
Plus… “Perhaps the most evil and disgusting thing that is going to happen in this 117th Congress is the bill that is going to be introduced that makes it a federal law to allow abortion up to the day of birth…. If this nation becomes a nation where we have such a federal law, that can kill a baby up to the day of birth, then God will no longer provide protection in his grace upon America.




Graph of the Day

If Joe was a stock, would you buy it?
What do the pundits repeatedly tell us? “always trade in the direction of the trend”, “never buck the trend”, and “the trend is your friend”? The big question is “where is support”? Maybe a short sell here…


Pic of the Week

8,000 9,000 10,500 12,000 15,000 10,000 6,700 Illegal Invaders Living Underneath Texas Bridge
We understand as of 9/18 that DHS is to ‘Expel Illegal Immigrants Gathering Under Texas Bridge’. Though we are Arizonans, we also are, in this particular case, from Missouri… ‘Show Us’.
But, Biden regimen officials began quietly telling journalists Monday (9/20) they will release many of the roughly 15,000 Haitian migrants in the Del Rio camp. The quiet promises of catch-and-release are being hidden behind showcase video of small-scale deportations, and behind televised bluster from top officials, including Alejandro Mayorkas, the chief of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  We also suspect that thousands of these illegal immigrants encamped in Del Rio, Texas are evading federal efforts to round them up, with many heading to Mexico to look for a better spot to reenter the USA.
As of 9/22 we understand that less than 1,000 of these invaders have been deported. If we do the math, 7,300 + have been released into the U.S. interior.
Where are they going?



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  1. Save America Rally in Perry, GA

    September 25 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  2. Franklin Graham’s Route 66 God Loves You Tour

    September 30 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  3. CCRC October Meeting

    October 9 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
  4. Save America Rally in Des Moines, IA

    October 9 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


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