Following Your Legislature

 The Arizona Peoples Lobbyist  is a one-stop-shop when it comes to navigating the Arizona Legislature. It provides instruction on how to obtain bill info and get your voice heard. Some links may be broken, however the site is still an excellent resource.

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club advocates for free markets and economic growth. They watch legislation and work to: 1) reduce your income and property tax burden, 2) oppose all subsidies and special interest carve-outs in our tax code, 3) support regulatory reform and eliminate burdensome regulations, 4) promote fiscal discipline, limited government and a balanced budget, 5) support consumer choice and freedom in our education and health care systems, and 6) reduce the influence of public sector unions in the political process and support employee rights. The AFEC posts summaries and opinions on bills affecting these areas of interest and provide ways to make your voice heard.

The Arizona Citizens Defense League defends your U.S. Constitutional 2nd Amendment and your Arizona Constituitional Article II, Section 2 right to keep and bear arms. The AzCDL closely monitor legislation that either strengthens or infringes on these rights, and lobbies the Legislature on behalf of its membership and the good citizens of Arizona. During a legislative session, AzCDL’s representatives work full-time at the Capitol, testifying at committee hearings, monitoring Floor votes, and working with other pro-rights groups.  Between legislative sessions, they look for ways to improve existing laws and meet with legislators on proposed bills.

The Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) is a nonprofit advocacy group whose mission is to promote and defend the foundational values of life, marriage and family, and religious freedom. Established in 1995 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening Arizona families through policy and education, CAP has worked with elected officials and members of the community to make Arizona the most welcoming state to raise a family. Click here  to follow legislation relevant to their mission.

The Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA) is a private, non-profit, non-partisan organization that cultivates excellence in locally governed school districts to bring about the best schools in every Arizona community. ASBA advocates on behalf of its member boards at the Arizona State Legislature and at all levels of government. Click here to follow legislation relevant to their mission.

The EZAZ.ORG  is a non-partisan pending C4 organization focused on education to make civic participation easy and accessible for all Arizonans. Their mission is to ensure every voice that wants to be heard by their local leaders is educated, equipped, and empowered to be successful in driving their personal policy goals. Check their site for analyses on issues critical to Arizonans.

How does a bill become law in Arizona? Click here to find out.