The Principles of the Republican Party

We believe that man has been endowed by his Creator with freedom of will and that what has been granted must not be compromised by any man or government.

We believe that the first function of our national government is to protect its citizens from foreign aggressors, who would impose by force their way of life upon us.

We believe that the fundamental function of government at all levels is to protect its citizens from crime.

We believe that each individual is entitled to equal treatment by his government.

We affirm the rights of each individual to receive equal treatment and equal opportunity from government under its laws.

We believe that the free enterprise system is the best system devised for managing the economic affairs of man because it maximizes freedom and production, stimulates competition and thereby benefits the consumer.

We believe that the foundation of our economy and strength of our nation lies in the working people who are the producing, taxpaying members of our society.

We believe that our economic system depends upon a strong dollar and that excessive government spending reduces the value of the dollar, and must be curbed.

We believe that with freedom comes responsibility and that individual initiative is a prerequisite to government assistance unless the individual is unable to help himself.

We believe that the birthright of each American is to be educated to the maximum of his ability, to enjoy the fruits of his labor and advance in economic status.