The United States of America has, over its history, brought about an epoch of great distribution of opportunity, depending on the people to maintain their government according to its constitution. Our capitalistic, democratic republic has precipitated a huge expansion of the middle class, not only in America but in much of the developed world, led by our example. Such popular government depends upon its citizens to be vigilant, active and concerned. Inattention to current events and a passive attitude will lead inexorably towards a more stagnant and dogmatic socialistic era marked by greater concentration of wealth and property in the political elite, and reduced potential for the average citizen’s upward mobility.

We the People can suppress the trends toward socialism and:

  • Elect public officials who hold the success of our citizens paramount over their personal ambitions.
  • Develop government policies to attract industries back to America.
  • Do what is good for American citizens rather than pursue the goal of a world with no borders.
  • Welcome lawful immigrants to participate in the American dream.
  • End the pursuit of endless wars that do no good for the United States.
  • Hold first our national sovereignty and participate in WTO, WHO, G20, OECD etc.only when its policies are truly in our national interest.
  • Uphold the first amendment of our constitution to allow all opinions, rather than a government designated few, to be made public.